R.I.T.A. (Rider Involved Technical Assembly)

A Revolutionary Way To Buy A Bike

The next time you're in for service or a new bike, take full advantage of our R.I.T.A. (Rider Involved Technical Assembly). Our R.I.T.A. stations put service front and center, allowing you, the rider, to take part in the assembly process of your new bike. Look on while we take the bike from the box to fully assembled, teaching you about maintenance and how to make adjustments and custom changes along the way. R.I.T.A. sessions are great for riders looking to learn more about their bike and enhance their overall riding experience.

Bringing your bike in for service? From brake adjustments, to minor drive train problems, our trained mechanics will be more than happy to take care of most of your basic repairs on fly. All while they instruct you how to fix your bike the next time the problem occurs.